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Android Oreo: the newest Android system update

Android has worked on and finally released new update with quite delicious title – Android Oreo. This updates moto is: “Smarter, faster, and more powerful than ever”. Android in their official...

Google Pixel 2 and Snapdragon 836: truth revealed

Well the truth about Google Pixel 2 and Snapdragon 836 has been revealed. With every new device, we are always expecting something better and faster. And Google Pixel 2, that is...
pixel audio jack

Headphone jack for google pixel 2 is gone

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHKEryVLwv0 Breaks about most Android gadgets normally fly up left, right, and focus months before they're reported. This isn't the situation for Google's Pixel line, be that as it may: the gossipy...
fastest smartphone

Google Pixel 2 will be the fastest working smartphone

New rumor alert: Google Pixel 2 might just be the fastest working smartphone that’s released this year No question, every year every smartphone company thrives to make their product the best -...