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New rumor alert: Google Pixel 2 might just be the fastest working smartphone that’s released this year

No question, every year every smartphone company thrives to make their product the best – more good-looking, more desirable, more convenient for the user, better cameras, better screen resolution, smarter, faster… the list could go on for ages. This time we will be talking about smartphones speed. So Talking about speed, the Galaxy S8 and the OnePlus 5 pack mobile chips built on 10nm tech which was a first for smartphones. And every high-end smartphone will have built in a chip similar to that, including iPhone 8 and Google Pixel 2.

But the hot rumor has it that Googles new upcoming phones will have a chip version that’s going to be even faster than the Galaxy S8’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

Our source for this information is FudZilla. They say that Google Pixel 2 is likely to be the first smartphone to have Snapdragon 836 chip boult in it. As a Google Pixel first series owner, this doesn’t surprise me at all and from Google Pixel, I would expect nothing less than that.

It is known that last year while making first Google Pixel series, Google and Qualcomm collaborated to put an updated Snapdragon 820 version inside the Pixels, and that chip was the Snapdragon 821.

This report doesn’t mention the source of this rumor though, but it says the Pixel 2 will have a “smaller chip” than its predecessor. And also, Fudzilla says that you can “expect better quality pictures too”. That’s all we have, so we have to read between the lines a bit.

The amazing Snapdragon 836 chip is expected to come with increased maximum clock speeds for both the CPU and the GPU, which could lead to improving the speeds and better battery life as well. So how much faster could the Google Pixel 2 actually be? “About 10% faster,” if this report is accurate.

As written in the previous articles we are still expecting the new Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL 2 to arrive this autumn, to be more exact we expect it early October. Also, another report notes that the new smartphone will be sporting similar components, but featuring different designs.

So, let’s hold tight and wait for new reports and rumors speculating and guessing new Pixel series phone techs and specs and wait for the Google Pixel to arrive.


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