Nokia 6 review
Nokia 6 review

I’ll be straightforward, regardless it feels a little odd looking at a Nokia cell phone and seeing it running Android, yet it’s surely superior to anything the past times of Windows Phone. We as of late found the opportunity to review the new Nokia 6 very close, an exceptional looking cell phone without the superior value joined to it. How’s that conceivable you say? All things considered, it’s one of the many as of late declared Amazon Exclusive cell phones that the retail goliath is putting forth at a significant rebate – in return for advertisements and offers being tossed on your bolt screen.

With a sticker cost of $179.99 as an Amazon Exclusive, the Nokia 6 is an incredibly strong telephone with its anodized 6000 arrangement aluminum skeleton. Contrasted with whatever remains of the litter of sub-$200 cell phones out there, the Nokia 6 is a demonstration of the new sort of value you can anticipate from a telephone in this value classification. Not exclusively is it sturdily set up together, the heaviness of the telephone sets up a feeling of strong form quality that is once in a while observed – or more to the point, felt – in a telephone estimated this way.

The Nokia 6 highlights a 3.5mm earphone jack (to our pleasure), expandable capacity by means of microSD card, GSM opened similarity with AT&T and T-Mobile, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 chipset, 3 GB of RAM, and a liberal 32 GB of inner stockpiling.

There’s even a unique finger impression sensor beneath the screen, which serves as the home catch and is flanked by capacitive catches. The main thing we’re not very quick to see here, particularly these days, is the choice to stay with a microUSB port. In any case, hello, it’s not a major issue either.

From our fast look, the handset runs pretty easily, yet all things considered, we don’t envision it being a perfect possibility for gamers. All things considered, for the greater part of the essential stuff, it’s more than competent – much like whatever other handset utilizing the same chipset.

At first glance, it seems, by all accounts, to be a generally stock Android 7.1.1 Nougat programming background, however Amazon’s huge number of applications and administrations are additionally preloaded. The bolt screen, specifically, emerges for showing every one of the promotions and markdown offers Amazon has in store for you.

Frankly, the greatest thing affecting your choice to purchase this telephone or not is regardless of whether you can live with the nearness of those advertisements on your bolt screen. Yes, they secure you a pleasant rebate in advance, however after some time, they will probably turn into an irritation. For the $50 rebate you’d get over the standard variant (without advertisements), which is estimated at $229.99 through Amazon, a few people might enable those promotions to be straightforwardly in their appearances – however I’m not one of them.

Something else, whatever is left of the telephone appears to be engaging – including its 5.5-inch Full HD IPS show, 16 MP raise camera, and 8 MP forward looking camera. There’s nothing decimating in it specs sheet or programming knowledge, yet this looks to be an exceptionally competent telephone for very little cash with extraordinary form quality and a restless, right away conspicuous look.

What about yourself? Is a $50 funds justified, despite all the trouble for you to get the promotion filled form over the standard, non-advertisements alternative? Considering the majority of the treats close by, and calculating in its exceptionally economical value point, the Nokia 6 appears like it’ll profit by being an Amazon Exclusive. All things considered, what number of us have traveled to Amazon in view of a particular value confine just to include an additional $50 or so ultimately?


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