samsung galaxy note 8

Rumor lovers can sit back with popcorn and enjoy this crazy amount of rumors that have leaked about Samsung Galaxy Note 8. And now, while just a few days away from Galaxy Not 8 big revile in Unpacked event. We already have information rough image of what Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be like. Even though we probably have a year or so to keep debating and rumoring about the specifications of Galaxy Note 9, lets dig in the info we have so far.

samsung galaxy note 8

Rumors of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After many months of arguing and information rumors and leaks in August 23th we finally will see the true product in its whole glory. By now there is no doubt that Galaxy Note 8 will be a beast. The most amazing work of art Samsung has created so far. But though we like to report all the leaks and rumors and everyone loves them: photos of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy 8 brochure… There’s just been too much of information leaks. For the big revile in New York city there has been left very little for our imagination, actually almost nothing that could surprise us. We have been robed of the element of surprise for the revile. We have already seen the photos of Galaxy Note 8, we know all the key features of the phone. It’s starting to feel like if you see another article with the title ‘New Galaxy Note 8’ we feel like – ‘Pf, old news Mr.!’ That is probably one of the reasons of why the Galaxy Note 9 concept was posted on 17th. To keep the fans interested and seeking for more and more information.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 render

This time the information about Note 9 comes from the famous information leakster Benjamin Geskin who got our attention by posting the first information and renders on new iPhone 8 design.This time he posted his vision of Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Galaxy Note 9 is of course expected to be released after about a year, newt autumn to be more exact, as Samsung always does. While searching through internet for new information and leaks we often see rather crazy concepts and guesses on how the new Galaxy Note 9 could look like. But Benjamin Geskin really caught our eye on this one. This Galaxy Note 9 mock up looks surprisingly accurate. It feels like this really could be the real deal.

Here is Galaxy Note 9 concept created by Benjamin Geskin.

samsung galaxy note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 render by Benjamin Geskin, twitter

And here is Galaxy Note 8 design, posted by BGR.

samsung galaxy note 8 BGR
Galaxy Note 8 design, posted by BGR

In this amazing Galaxy Note 9 design concept we can see that Benjamin Geskin masterfully took Note 8 renders and expanded the smartphones Infinity Screen and the screen almost reaches all the way to the edges of the smartphone. This design with very little border around the body of the phone, display running up right to the edges, almost bazel-free, looks very similar to what we all are expecting from iPhone 8.

Galaxy Note 9 display

As you can see the display is extended to the very top of the smartphone to the both sides of the sensors and ear microphone. So, what does that leave for status bar and all its notifications and other info? Well here is where it gets tricky. Just like iPhone 8, Samsung would have to move the status bar off the main display. This is totally possible to do for Samsung, but not so easy though. This type of configuration is more difficult on Android than iOS, but doable. To do this, they would have to push notifications to the second tier and rework the status bar UI, but then again isn’t notifications propose to be visible on the screen right as it approaches? Other solution would be to sort out the information by its importance and limit the quantity of information that can be displayed. A fallback for UX if you ask me.

iphone 8
iPhone 8 by Benjamin Geskin, twitter

Galaxy Note 9 fingerprint scanner

In this vison of Galaxy Note 9 it’s display is 6.4 inches and it has 4K resolution and as you can see a fingerprint sensor on the display. As you know 4K phones are no big surprise and already exist so there are no technical problems and no technical reason why Samsung couldn’t deliver this to us. This Qualcomm next-generation fingerprint sensors are very much expected for the next years smartphones. Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensor for Display is the mobile world industries very first commercially announced multi-functional ultrasonic solution. This beast is capable of scanning through OLED display stacks of up to 1200um, along with enrolling and matching. Also, they are the first commercially announced Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors for Glass and Metal. They are able to scan through up to 800 µm of cover glass and up to 650 µm of aluminum, a huge improvement for the previous generation’s 400 µm capability for glass or metal.

samsung galaxy note 9

Galaxy Note 9 camera

Of course, as expected with every phone we want everything bigger, brighter, better and the camera is no exception. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera will have 12-megapixel dual camera (rear), 8-megapixel camera (front). And in this Benjamin Geskin Note 9 render we see brand new cameras. The smartphones processor has also been included, of course dual back cameras and an Exynos 9 Series or maybe even a 10 Series chip-set.

The back of the smartphone has no surprises or ‘wow’ factors. It looks about the same. But then again, we have not seen any drastic changes in that area sins Galaxy Note 5. While looking at the phones body and how it is quite narrow we start to wonder about the speaker. This phone body leaves very little space for the speaker so Samsung might have to work on some new special type of speaker replacement, that would involve vibrations through the skull.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Well that’s what we know about the new Galaxy Note 9 that is expected to arrive in 2018, probably autumn. But as for everyone who is pumped-up about Galaxy Note 8, there are great news. You will be able to pre-order the smartphone on internet only short 24 hours after the official reveal.




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