Samsung Galaxy S9

So, let’s start of by trying to find out:

When will Samsung Galaxy S9 possibly be released?

Let’s see the Samsung’s pattern of releasing S series phones:

Phone Reveal date Release date
Samsung Galaxy S8 March 29 April 21
Samsung Galaxy S7 February 21 March 11
Samsung Galaxy S6 March 1 April 10
Samsung Galaxy S5 February 24 April 11
Samsung Galaxy S4 March 14 April 27
Samsung Galaxy S3 May 3 May 29
Samsung Galaxy S2 February 13 May 2
Samsung Galaxy S March, 2010 June 4


Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S in 2010 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2017

So, as you can see it is quite obvious around what time we should expect the new Samsung Galaxy S9. Majority of S series smartphones are revealed in February or March and usually around Barcelona’s annual Mobile World Congress technology tradeshow. And while we don’t have a specific date for Samsung Galaxy s9 reveal date, we know the tradeshows though. Barcelona’s annual Mobile World Congress technology tradeshow will happen from February 26 to March 1 in 2018. So, majority of tech news sites think the Samsung Galaxy S9 reveal will be on February 26, 2018. And that will be the first Android flagship launch that we are expecting in 2018.

What’s the gossip on Samsung Galaxy S9?

Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9 by

Samsung Galaxy S9 codenames

First of all, we know that Samsung is working on Galaxy S9 under codenames of “Star” which is the Galaxy S9, and “Star 2” which is referred to Galaxy S9 Plus edition. Korea’s The Bell also reported that unlike the last years, Samsung is actually working on this new smartphone ahead of the schedule, so that’s good news.

Samsung Galaxy S9 reveal in January?

Other sources suggest that the release date will be in January, but that seems unlikely. Although it was reported that OLED displays that will be used in Samsung Galaxy S9 were ready in November. And looking back we remember that on Galaxy S8 was revealed in March and the displays were ready in January, so the launch happened 3 months later. So, we can definitely see why people would rumor that the reveal will happen in January, 2018. But our sources and the facts through S series smartphone releases suggest not to expect S9 reveal sooner than February or March.


Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9 by

Samsung Galaxy S9 display

As we can see from 2017 smartphone releases, everyone is going for “bigger display – smaller bezels” look. And we think that Samsung Galaxy S9 will be no exception for that. And the rumors say that S9 will have 90% screen-to-body ratio, S8 had roughly 84% screen-to-body ratio.

Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9 sketches by Weibo


Will Samsung Galaxy S9 be the first to use in-display fingerprint scanner?

We also have Weibo leaked photos of S9 design sketches.  As you can see the scanner beneath the camera lens is removed. As we know Synaptics Incorporated is working on innovating new technology: in-display fingerprint scanner. They have not jet released the name of a company that they are cooperating with though. Maybe it’s Samsung? This technology allows you to unlock your phone with one quick movement. The scanner will be located at the bottom of phones display (where the home button used to go). But keep in mind that this in-display fingerprint scanner is pure guessing. This new technology could be used first on either Samsung, Apple, vivo, Xiaomi or Huawei.

Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9 by

Samsung Galaxy S9 with the best Qualcomm chip?

A new report from famous info leaker Ice Universe suggests that new Samsung Galaxy S9 will not have Quick Charge 4.0+ support and not even the Snapdragon 845-powered. Apparently, Qualcomm has become quite greedy, knowing that they are the best in the biz. So, turns out that Samsung does not agree on paying the license fee for that particular piece of Qualcomm’s precious technology. Samsung also supports Apple against Qualcomm’s aristocratic pricing schemes for their modem tech.

But none of this has been confirmed on official Samsung press reports, so… will just have to wait a bit and we will found out ourselves. Soon enough we will be able to know exactly the kind of battery charging technology Samsung Galaxy S9 will be using. Samsung also has its own fast charging technology for Samsung batteries, it just hasn’t evolved as much as Qualcomm’s, but let’s hope it does, and soon. If that does not happen, than S9 will charge slower which will take it out of running for one of the best smartphone in 2018.



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